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McIntire Home

Built in 1950, the original owner was Mrs. Mary E. Dumas. She originally lived in the large brick home at 205 South Street (at the corner of South Street and 1st Street, which is now Norman C. Wood Street) with her husband, Bill Dumas, a local lawyer. After his death, Mrs. Dumas decided that she needed to relocate to something smaller but didn’t want to leave her property. The Dumas property covered an extensive area enabling her to construct a little white guest house behind the large formal Dumas home on the corner. She had trees felled on the property and used the milled wood for the flooring at 411...beautiful until this day. The house is still often referred to as the Dumas House.

Mrs. Dumas was a lifelong resident of Talladega, a member of First United Methodist Church, the Talladega County Historical Society, the DAR, a member of the city school board from 1922 to 1949, the chairman of the Library Board, and was co-founder of the Settlement Club. In 1975 the Talladega High School stadium was named in her honor. Mrs. Dumas died in September 1979 at the age of 92.

The current owners, CAM and Archer McIntire purchased the home in 2018. They feel a debt of gratitude to the previous owners and caretakers. “We fell in love with the property before we ever went inside! The lovely plantings, long boxwood hedges, stone walls, and Koi Pond clinched the sale! Zack and Lacy Dollar put in the Koi Pond (and named each of the beautiful Koi), Lacy hand-stenciled the dining room walls, and they engaged local artist Shannon Moore to paint the foyer with a beautiful mural. Dr. Mike Kulovitz and his wife Patti (owners before the Dollars) did an exceptional job of renovation after a large tree fell and destroyed much of the kitchen. They also added the upstairs bedrooms and bath. An earlier owner, Mr. John Hackney, planted many roses and expanded the landscaping. To the previous owners and caretakers, we say a hearty ‘Thank You’ and we pledge to do our very best to maintain 411 for those who will come after us!”

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